A Unique Project

Simplify the delivery of a digital teaching resource within the classroom.Tango Teach is designed to revolutionise the way interactive touch screens are used within education. Tango Teach will transform your touch-enabled large format display or multi-touch table into a powerful teaching tool.

Our Approach

We had only one keyword in mind and that was; “easy”. Everything had to be done eady within the software. So we designed a very end-user friendlu UI. No need for large manuals, training sessions or unlimited support hours but just a software product that can be taught in less then 30 minutes!

Build dynamic, interactive lessons in minutes

Tango Teach is designed to revolutionise the way interactive touch screens are used within education. Tango Teach will transform your touch-enabled large format display or multi-touch table into a powerful teaching tool. Plan and create lessons and lesson activities within minutes and deliver them in a new, fun and engaging way with Tango Teach. Use resources and media from a variety of online sources including YouTube and online images, or use locally stored resources to quickly create collections of media which can be re-opened and presented within seconds. Tango Teach supports a large number of media types including pictures and photographs, videos and movies, animations, PDF files, Word Documents and Power Point presentations which can be imported in seconds.


Easy to use with familiar touch gestures

Familiar multi-touch gestures are used to resize, rotate and position media on the page. You can even work with multiple objects simultaneously, allowing pupils and students to collaborate easily.

Tango Teach is extremely simple to use and with a familiar tablet-style interface, you’ll be amazed just how quickly you become confident importing media and creating lessons.

Unparalleled performance

Resize, position and rotate full HD videos – even while they’re playing. A single tap makes a video resize to fill the entire screen for quick, instant playback to a whole class while another tap restores it back to its original size. Work with large high resolution images and other media format, freely positioning, cropping or resizing as you require.

With no limit on the number of touch points, Tango Teach will support however many touch points your hardware supports, whether that’s 2, 4, 6, 10, 32 points or even more. This means that numerous pupils and students can interact simultaneously.

Students are able to collaborate by inserting, moving, scaling and rotating media objects at the same time and even use multi-touch gestures together on the same surface.

Access the world’s biggest content library

You deserve more than limted content galleries and clip-art. Search for web-based content such as YouTube videos and online images from within Tango and import media directly into your lessons. Import local media from your hard disk or other local storage such as USB memory sticks.

Share content via Tango Cloud – NEW

Created something great? Now you can share it with others via the Tango Cloud. Or, if you need a quick lesson, search the cloud for ready-made content uploaded by other Tango users.


Easily connect mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, smartphones or even laptops and netbooks to utilise Tango’s collaboration features. Broadcast the Tango Teach workspace or other applications to mobile devices ensuring pupils are engaged and lessons are inclusive. Teachers can interact from anywhere in the classroom. Send files to the Tango workspace from any connected device. Tango Teach collaboration features are device independent and do not require any pre-installed app.

True cross-platform application

Designed to run on both Windows PCs and Mac OS, Tango Teach is equally at home on both platforms. Perfect for use in mixed environments, lessons created in Windows can be opened on Mac, and vice-versa.n

Tango Teach from Osborne Technologies has revolutionised the way teaching and learning are delivered within our classrooms. The ease with which the staff can grasp the new technology is astounding as Tango Teach builds upon the gestures we use every day on smartphones and tablets. The resources available through Tango Teach, as well as its ability to support numerous file formats with ease, makes this our go-to digital teaching resource.

Mike Brown, ICT Operations Manager - Alpha Plus Group

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